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My journey in digital marketing started while attending the University of East London. I needed to supplement my income as a student to live the life I wanted. I heard about affiliate marketing through a buddy of mine, Gabriel, who referred me to the book, the Affiliate Marketing Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. I started following the steps in this book after the first read after realizing that through the avenue of the internet, I could start making money with minimal investment. Literally something out of nothing. I started out with a bang, but then got burnt out as I quickly realized that if you don't have the money, you need to invest time. This forced me to get smarter in my approach to marketing affiliate products online by leveraging my time and effort with various tools, and keeping my knowledge base up-to-date.

I extended my motto of constant and never ending improvement (CANI) to my digital marketing endeavours, and quickly started making profits online. The affiliate cheques started rolling in on a monthly basis. 

Once I started applying some of the techniques learned to profit in affiliate marketing to offline clients, the magic began to happen. 

I was able to rank my  first local client's website on page 1 of Google for 5 competitive keywords in less than a month, and my satisfied client started referring my services to friends and business associates. 

Fast forward to today, I've built a solid portfolio of clients from the Caribbean, North America & the UK providing a variety of solutions to remove the headaches associated with maintaining an effective online presence, while simultaneously increasing their return on investment.